Planned Service Program

Simple monthly payments towards your Planned Service Program and you will receive the best service program offered in Winnipeg.

24/7 Emergency Service

Benefits of our Planned Service Program:

Priority Service:

You’ll get priority service as a Service Right Now member. Becoming a member puts you at the front of the line for any service or repair.

Replacement Discount:

You’ll receive a credit equalling 100% of your total membership investment.

Annual Service Check:

You’ll receive annual servicing on your furnace, air conditioner, as well as filters for a whole year.

System Coverage:

All active members receive 100% ongoing coverage on all services, calls, and repairs.

Choice Technician:

We pride ourselves on the honesty, integrity, and capability of our technicians to service or replace your comfort system.

Longer System Life:

Properly maintaining your system can improve the longevity of your heating and cooling system and will help it run at peak performance.

Peace of Mind:

You can relax knowing that you have an honest and reliable company you can call 24/7, any time you need it.

Price Protection:

All members are guaranteed stable monthly rates.


If you move within our service area, we can transfer your membership. We will also allow the new residents of your old home to continue your membership for the same monthly rate.

Higher Efficiency:

Dirt on a heating or cooling coil can result in decreased efficiency. That’s why Service Right Now is your #1 choice in furnace and air conditioning repair.

Better Health:

A cleaner system makes for a healthier home, gets rid of allergens and helps with asthma.

No Contracts:

No contract, no risks; you can cancel at any time.

For our Planned Service Program we will:

Clean, Inspect, Adjust, Monitor, Lubricate, Test:


  • Blower & Motor
    • Blower & motor pulleys
    • Blower belt
    • Blower & motor bearings
    • Inducer vent fan motor
  • Gas Line & Shut-Off
    • Valves
    • Gas shut-off valves
    • Manifold & orifices
    • Test gas pressure
  • Pilot & Thermocouples
    • Ignition & flame sensor
  • Combustion Chamber
    • Thermostat control
    • Heat exchanger inspection
    • Primary air intake
    • Draft hood
    • Chimney flues
  • Switches, Circuits & Controls
    • 120 volt circuit
    • 24 volt circuit
    • Wiring
    • Ignition control module
    • Check all internal unit controls

Air Conditioner

  • Inspect all A/C components
    • Thermostat operation
    • Blower & belt condition
    • Filter system
    • Venting system
    • Controls
    • Condensate pump
    • Inspect/Clean drain
    • Lines
    • Blower & condenser
    • Motor
    • Evaporator coil
    • Condenser coil
    • Condenser electrical comp.
    • System airflow
    • All Safety controls

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