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Air conditioning prices

  1. Goodman GSX13018-030 13 SEER with 10 years parts                                     $2500.00
  2. Goodman GSX16018-024 16 SEER with 10 years parts                                     $3000.00
  3. Amana ASX13018-030 13 SEER with 10 years parts                                         $2600.00
  4. Amana ASX16018-024 16 SEER 10 years parts                                                $3200.00
  5. Amana ASXC16024-036 16 SEER, 10 years parts, life time compressor             $4000.00

Amana ASX16 units come with life time unit replacement warranty on compressors.

Pay by cash or cheque receive 5% discount or use “same as cash” financing still receive 5% discount

Join our “Planned Service Program” and receive another 5% discount plus you get life time warranty on parts, labour, 24/7/365. No contracts, no extra charges, just the low monthly payment. High efficiency filters for life are included.

All systems come with 10 years parts from the manufacturer

 “All-inclusive pricing”

  1. Condenser
  2. Wall mount brackets or pad and gravel
  3. A coil
  4. Metal work
  5. Line set
  6. Warranty registration
  7. Electrical {must be a current electrical panel with currant breakers available}
  8. Outdoor disconnect and whip
  9. Removal and disposal of old equipment and refrigerant
  10. Installation labour
  11. Condensate pump
  12. High efficient filter(s)

Initial site inspection and written quotes are at “no charge”


Furnace prices

All inclusive furnace packages so you get everything

10 Years parts 1-year labour from the manufacturer

  1. The absolute best Installation and products money can buy
  2. All metal fabrication from our own shop
  3. High efficient filtration system, 16x25x5 M1, MERV 11+
  4. Electrical wiring
  5. Gas piping and permit
  6. Removal and recycle of old components
  7. Condensate pump
  8. Low voltage wiring
  9. Adjustments to existing a/c as required
  10. New thermostats come with all jobs
  11. Registration of both warranties for all equipment
  12. Cleaning of existing “A” coil

Cash discount is 5%, also “same as cash” financing available.

Planned Service Discount is 5%


Amana furnaces with lifetime unit replacement warranty

  1. Ultimate modulating Amana furnace AMVM97 with CTK04                    $5000.00
  2. Amana 2 stage DC Variable Amana AMVC96 with CTK04                       $4700.00
  3. Amana AMEC96 Amana DC ECM, Honeywell PRO4000                          $3700.00

Goodman furnace packages 10 years unit replacement

  1. The best modulating Goodman furnace package GMVM97 with CTK04            $4500.00
  2. Goodman GMVC96 2 stage DC variable speed furnace with CTK04                  $4000.00
  3. Goodman GMEC96 2 stage DC ECM GMEC96, Honeywell PRO4000                $3500.00


When you sign up for our “Planned Service Program”, at a low monthly fee, you get 5% off all installation costs, lifetime parts, life time labour, life time filters, and annual maintenance included; Plus 24/7/365 emergency coverage for no extra charge. No contracts, you can cancel any time!