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Why Replace?

Most homeowners are faced with the decision eventually to either continue repairing that old worn out furnace or that old noisy air conditioner, or to go ahead and replace it with one that is quiet, efficient, and reliable.

It starts with one or two repairs here and there, usually at about $150 to $200 each. Then all of the sudden…..another breakdown, only this time it’s more major and will cost between $300-$500! Now, you’ve spent $600-$1000 fixing that old air conditioner or furnace, and it’s still OLD! Not to mention, it’s still inefficient and costing you way too much money to operate!

Any money you sink into that old system is gone forever! It may buy you only one more season, one more month, or just another week, and once you replace that unit, all that money is GONE. Why not use that money toward a nice, quiet, efficient NEW system?

With Manitoba Hydro there are many great financial incentives available for replacing your old system! Manitoba Hydro offers financing for as Low as 4.8% to customers who upgrade their systems to higher efficiencies.