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Month to Month Planned Service Program – No contract, no risks; and you can cancel at any time!
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Planned Service Program Terms

This program includes all maintenance, high end filters, service, parts and repairs. 24 hour emergency service is also included in one easy monthly payment. Never worry about costly repairs again. EVER!

When equipment becomes no longer serviceable (repair costs exceed 50% of the unit(s) replacement cost) OR is deemed beyond repair (heat exchanger or compressor failed and warranty has expired) 100% of the membership fees collected can be used towards the equipment replacement cost from Service Right Now. Hot water heaters are 25% of full service cost. Hot water hear repairs are included.

If home has air conditioning, you must purchase a program that includes service for both units, furnace and air conditioning. Pre-inspection is required for activation of planned service program. $39.95 fee that can be waived upon activation.

This is anĀ  example of the calculations for the program:

If a member invests $15 per month for 10 years, the total amount invested would be $2034.00. The price for installing the new furnace is $5000.00. Therefore, $5000.00 – $2034.00 = $2966.00. The balance of the new unit is $2966.00

(The above prices are example only. Prices are subject to change due to inflation, operating costs, and other circumstances. Price is also dependent on unit and accessories purchased.)

The payments can only be made by preauthorized debit and must remain current at all times to keep this program in effect. Payments are withdrawn on the 1st of each month. The program can be cancelled at any time by written notification or by email. A returned or NSF payment will automatically remove the home owner(s) from the program.

*Initial inspection fee is $39.95+Tax. This fee is waived if you sign up for the Planned Service Program. All required repairs and service must be performed before joining the Planned Service Program.



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