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Choosing a Filter

Filter Type:

Some service experts have varying opinions on what “type” of filter you should use. There are many factors to consider before choosing the right filters for your home. Winnipeg has relatively good air compared to most other large cities, but inside our homes can be another story. The minimum MERV Service Right Now recommends is MERV 8. This MERV will keep most contaminants from circulating around in your home. MERV 8 filters will also keep the furnace and air conditioning systems from getting overly dirty which can cause premature failures of these HVAC systems. MERV 10 would be the lowest MERV rating you would have for someone with asthma or allergies.

Service Right Now does not support filtration systems that are not environmentally friendly.


Sizing for your new MERV rated filter(s) is very simple: just measure the outside dimensions of the unit you have now. If you have troubles or you tried to get better filtration from somewhere before, just call Filters Right Now in Winnipeg at 204-946-0808 and our service experts will help you, right now! Or email us at info@servicerightnow.ca


You can order a filter through our online catalog or call us at 204-946-0808.

Delivery is included within Winnipeg only! Pickup service for customers from outside of Winnipeg is available; please call or email us first.